Christina Aquino Parsons, MD FRCPC

Clinical Professor
University of British Columbia (UBC)

Active Staff: British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA) – Vancouver Centre*

Director of Gynecologic Cancer Radiation Oncology, BCCA-Vancouver Centre*

City: Vancouver
Health Authority: Provincial Health Services

Major Clinical Focus – Breast, Gynecological and Lymphoma Malignancies

• Radiation Oncology Residency , UBC , Vancouver, BC 1989-92
• Family Medicine Residency Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS 1983-85
• Doctor of Medicine, McGill University, Canada, 1983
• Bachelor of Science, Dalhousie University, Canada 1979

• Fellowship (Pediatric Oncology), University of California, San Francisco, United States, 1992-1993

Biographic Summary
My entire career as a full time clinical radiation oncologist has been at the Vancouver Cancer Center. Over the years I have been involved in treating patients in various tumour sites including lung and pediatrics. Due to changing departmental clinical demands, my clinical focus shifted and currently is in the treatment of breast, gynaecological and lymphoma malignancies.
Clinical practice has included:
1) Planning and implementation of new radiation treatment techniques to the Vancouver Cancer center including : Total Skin Electron Beam( 6 position) for Mycosis Fungoides in 1995 and High Dose Rate Brachytherapy for Gynecological Malignancies in 2007, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy for Gynecological Malignancies in 2008
2) Cooperative clinical trial participation through Pediatric Oncology Network and National Cancer Institute of Canada for trials involving radiation and symptom control as both an investigator as well as a Local Principal Investigator for Cervix Cancer Studies
3) Translational research collaborating with scientists at BC Cancer Research Center (Medical Biophysics): Drs. Peggy Olive, Ralph Durand, Andrew Minchinton
4) Mentorship: involvement in training/ supervising rotating UBC medical students, residents and post graduate fellows. In addition, I have been a supervisor for UBC and BCCA summer studentship program for various undergraduate students.

Significant Professional activities have included:

1) Coordinator: Vancouver Cancer Center Radiation Oncology Weekly Rounds 2005-2010
2) ImPROVE: Lean Leadership Development 2012

1) Chair, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation / B.C. – Yukon Division Grants Committee 2003
2) Planning and Implementation and Co-Chair of Provincial BCCA Lymphoma Radiation Oncology Quality Assurance weekly meetings

1) Chair CARO Elekta Grant review committee 2008-2011
2) Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada: Radiation Oncology Specialty examiner 2007-2011
3) Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology Annual Scientific Meeting Chair 2010-2012

PUBLICATIONS ( Significant )

Aquino-Parsons C, Luo C, Vikse C.M., Olive P: Comparison between the comet assay and the oxygen microelectrode for measurement of tumour hypoxia. Radiother & Oncol. 1999;51:179-185

Partridge SE, Aquino-Parsons C, Luo C, Green A, Olive PL. A Pilot study comparing intratumoral oxygenation using the comet assay following 2.5% and 5% carbogen and 100 % oxygen. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2001;49(2):575-580.

Aquino-Parsons C, Hukin J, Green A. Concurrent carbogen and radiation therapy in children with high-risk brainstem gliomas. Pediatric Blood Cancer , Sept 2008.

Aquino-Parsons C, Lomas S, Smith K, Hayes J, Lew S, Bates AT, MacDonald AG. Phase 3 Study of Silver Leaf Nylon Dressing vs Standard Care for reduction of infra-mammary moist desquamation in patients undergoing adjuvant whole breast radiation therapy. Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences 41 (2010) 215-221

* The British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA)-Vancouver Centre (VC) is the largest academic cancer centre for the BCCA, located in downtown Vancouver and treating about one third of the radiation oncology cancer patients in the Province of BC. Over 4360 cancer patients are seen each year in the radiation oncology department. There are 20 Radiation Oncology (RO) physician faculty with full disease site specialization and clinical programs of excellence, 2 General Practice (Internist) Oncology Physicians, 3 Clinical Fellows and 10 RO residents. The BCCA-Vancouver Centre also has 17 physicists and a graduate training program in physics, 15 nurses, >60 radiation therapists clerks, secretaries and many others within radiation oncology. General capabilities include 9 Linacs (including Truebeam), 1 cobalt, VMAT (first developed in the BCCA-VC), IMRT, SBRT, IGRT, HDR and LDR brachytherapy suites, and Protons (at the TRIUMF centre). The Vancouver Centre radiation oncology department conducts all levels of research (basic, translational, clinical, population), and is the main educational institution in BC for the training of graduate (residents) and undergraduate (medical) students. The interdisciplinary Radiation Oncology team is part of the even larger multidisciplinary and provincial teams.