Robert A. Olson, BSc MD FRCPC MSc

Associate Professor, Partner
Head, Division of Radiation Oncology and Developmental Radiotherapeutics
Director of Faculty Development, UBC Northern Medical Program
Active Staff: Research and Clinical Trials Lead | Radiation Oncologist, BC Cancer Agency – Centre for the North

City: Prince George
Hospital Authority: Provincial Health Services

Address: BCCA-CN
1215 Lethbridge Street
Prince George, BC V2M 7E9

Phone:   250.645.7325
  Fax:  250.546.7361
Toll-free (within BC): 1.855.775.7300


Special Interests

  • Rural cancer care delivery
  • Head and Neck cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Breast cancer

Dr. Olson was the first physician hired to the BC Cancer Agency – Centre for the North (BCCA-CN), where he primarily treats Head & Neck, Breast, Palliative, and Lung cancer patients. He is the Research & Clinical Trials Lead, as well as the Fellowship Director. He has opened the first cancer clinical trials in Northern BC, as well as being the provincial principal investigator on numerous clinical trials.

Working with the Northern Medical Program (NMP), Dr. Olson is the Director of Faculty Development, as well as the Discipline Specific Site Leader for radiation oncology. However, his primary relationship with the NMP is conducting research. Although he has a diverse area of interest aimed at improving cancer care for patients in BC, his primary areas of interest are: (1) collecting patient reported outcomes, and subsequently improving cancer care based on patients’ feedback, and (2) improving cancer care for rural and northern patients. Since starting with the NMP, Dr. Olson has published 19 manuscripts and secured over 15 grants totaling approximately 2.5 million dollars.

• Harvard University: Master of Science in Epidemiology 2010
• University of British Columbia: FRCPC in Radiation Oncology 2010
• University of Calgary: Medical Doctor 2005
• University of Calgary: Bachelor of Science in Cellular Molecular and Microbial Biology 2002


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For further information about education, clinical, research interests and publication list- see Dr. Olson’s complete CV