Ike Barber Human Islet Transplant Laboratory

The dream of a needle free treatment of Diabetes, has long challenged researchers to find an alternative and yet sustainable substitute for insulin injection. For years, the only alternative source of treatment proven to work was whole pancreas transplantation. This was until 1990, that Dr.Warnock and his team at the University of Alberta performed Canada’s first successful islet cell transplantation. This work was then continued by Garth Warnock, Professor UBC Division of General-Surgery, and by Mark Meloche Associate Professor UBC Division of General-Surgery & Head, Section of Surgery at B.C. Transplant Society ( who are both BC’s Ike Barber Co-directors of the Islet Transplant Program).

This laboratory revolves around two core facilities, one being a clinical laboratory, directed by Ziliang Ao and the other is a basic science laboratory, which work side by side to provide the leading edge information on Islet Cell Transplantation.

The Ike Barber Human Islet Transplant Laboratory was created through the generous donations of
* Mr. Irving K. Barber Foundation
* Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Woodward’s Foundation
* UBC alumnus
* British Columbia Transplant Research & Statistics
and through a partnership of two health authorities:
The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and The Provincial Health Services Authority’s B.C.

About the Program

We are looking for people with type 1 diabetes to participate in a research study that is trying to determine who will benefit from islet transplantation compared to standard medical care. The study is taking place at the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute.

To be eligible, you must

* Have type 1 diabetes
* Have some degree of retinopathy (eye damage)
* Have some protein in the urine
* Have no heart disease
* Be a resident in BC

In this study we will compare the management of type 1 diabetes in the British Columbia Islet Transplant Program and the Best Medical Care Program an arm of the BC Islet Transplant Program. The objective of this study is to determine whether there is a difference between programs in preventing diabetes complications. You will be working closely with the diabetes physicians at Vancouver Hospital to manage your diabetes while waiting for a transplant, and with the transplant physicians after you receive an islet transplant. You will also need to be available at very short notice for a transplant.
If you are interested and think that you might qualify

* Contact Sharon at 604 875 5997
* Fax your most recent eye exam report and urine protein test result to 604 875 5925 and mark it attention Sharon
* If you are taking any medication because of protein in your urine, also fax the urine protein test result prior to starting the medication

If you are not interested or do not qualify but would like to participate

* This study is also measuring the needs and health care costs in all people with type 1 diabetes in general
* If you may be interested in participating in such a project, please contact us

For more information, contact:
Dr. David Thompson or Sharon Kozak at 604 875 5997

Lab Members

Contact Us

by Mail : Ike Barber Human Islet Transplant Laboratory
              Room 460, 828 West 10th Avenue Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 1L8 Canada

by Phone : contact Sharon Kozak at 604 875 5997

by Fax : 604 875 5925

by Email : Sharon Kozak