Transplant Training

Thousands of Canadians with end stage organ failure have benefited from transplantation. An organ transplant, however, cannot yet restore life expectancy to normal, nor can it completely restore health-related quality of life. To be truly successful in surmounting the full spectrum of transplantation-related problems, inter-disciplinary approaches must be taken to incorporate areas of research not traditionally applied.

The CIHR Transplantation Training Program brings together a multi-disciplinary group of mentors to teach all aspects of transplantation to trainees from diverse backgrounds in a way that did not depend upon their prior knowledge.Trainees in the Transplantation Training Program flourish in an environment that facilitates translational research and the flow of knowledge from the bench to the bedside and back in solid organ transplantation. By training the next generation of researchers and clinicians to create and apply knowledge to transplantation they will acquire the skills to not only advance and improve organ transplantation, but also, provide insight in other areas of science and medicine.

Students, Postdoctoral Fellows and Post Health Professional degree Fellows receiving training through this CIHR Strategic Training Program should review the CHIR Training Grant Guide.