Funding Opportunities

The CIHR Training program in Transplantation provides salary support for students enrolled in MSc or PhD degree granting programs, post-doctoral fellow and clinician scientists. The goals of the program are to:

i. Provide trainees with a broad overview of issues related to Transplantation including basic, clinical, ethics and outcomes research.
ii. To foster innovative research and strengthen the Transplantation research community through participation in collaborative opportunities
( Transplantation Research Day, Work-in Progress sessions )

Please note an important component of the program is the engagement of faculty members in the training environment, so supervisors of successful applicants are expected to participate at the annual Transplantation Research Day and attend at least some of the trainee work-in-progress sessions.

Trainee Positions Available

Outstanding graduate students and candidates for post-doctoral fellowship positions (MD, PhD or equivalent) are invited to apply to the CIHR Transplantation Scholarship Training Program located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Transplantation Training Program is a two year program affiliated with the University of British Columbia and its teaching hospitals, as well as the British Columbia Transplant Society. Research projects available through this innovative, integrated program encompass all aspects of transplantation including but not limited to the following: basic and applied research into the immune system, stem cell biology, tissue transplantation, organ preservation, organ donation and ethical issues related to transplantation, outcomes research and clinical epidemiology related to transplantation. Research will be performed in a highly collaborative environment with nationally and internationally recognized scientists. Trainees will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and unique resources. This program will foster the training of transdisciplinary scientists and clinician-scientists who will bring novel insights into issues related to transplantation sciences. Applicants interested in Biomedical Ethics or Clinical Epidemiology are especially encouraged to apply. Supervisors must be a member of this program.
A list of the potential supervisors is available at

Application Instructions

The application consists of two electronic files (# 1 and 2) and two paper components (# 3 and 4)

  1. CIHR format CV, generated from the Common CV website.

PLEASE NOTE – you need to register for a CIHR PIN in order to print your CV at:

  1. ONE application document in PDF file format consisting of:
    1. One page scientific abstract with the following headings: Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions.
    2. One page describing how your project relates to Transplantation.
    3. Half page describing how you and your supervisor can contribute to the goals of the Transplantation Training program
  1. Official copy of transcripts in sealed envelopes
  1. Three letters of reference in sealed envelopes

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Academic and research achievements of the applicant
  2. Relevance of the proposed project to transplantation
  3. Commitment of the supervisor to participate in the Transplantation Training Program
Applications should be emailed (CIHR CV and Application Document) and sent (transcripts and letters of reference)
to : Surgery Research Centre
UBC Department of Surgery | #3100-950 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9
For further information, please contact: by email: