Radiation Oncology


Division-Head : Dr. Robert Olson
Executive Assistant to the Division Head : Ms. Miriam Ruiz

Director of Postgraduate Education : Dr. Hannah Carolan
Academic Program Coordinator : Ms. Aida Castro-Chan

Director of Undergraduate Education : Dr. ParisAnn Gfeller-Ingledew

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The British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA)-Vancouver Centre (VC) is the largest academic cancer centre in the BCCA, located in downtown Vancouver and treating about one third of the radiation oncology cancer patients in the Province of BC. Over 4800 cancer patients are seen each year in the radiation oncology department. There are 24 Radiation Oncology physician faculty with full disease site specialization and clinical programs of excellence, 2 General Practice Oncology Physicians, as well as Clinical Fellows and Radiation Oncology Residents.   The BCCA-Vancouver Centre also has 23 Medical Physicists and a graduate training program in physics, as well as nurses, radiation therapists, clerks, secretaries and many other support and administration staff.   The department has 10 Linear Accelerators and 1 cobalt machine. One of the accelerators is a unique VERO machine, which can deliver the most highly conformal treatment possible.  Treatment capabilities include  VMAT (first developed in the BCCA-VC), IMRT, SABR, IGRT, HDR and LDR brachytherapy, Total Body Irradiation, and Protons (at the TRIUMF centre). The Vancouver Centre radiation oncology department is involved in all levels of research (basic, translational, clinical, population), and is the main educational institution in BC for the training of graduate (residents) and undergraduate (medical) students. The interdisciplinary Radiation Oncology team is part of the even larger multidisciplinary and provincial teams.