Funding Opportunities

Department Seed Grant

The purpose of this program is to support the establishment of new research in the Department of Surgery. This year, we have introduced three application categories:

  1. Support for a new investigator in starting a new research project
  2. Support for an established researcher’s pilot/feasibility study
  3. Support for an established researcher launching a project in a new research area

Seed Grant recipients will be requested to present their work at one of the departmental events.

2023/24 Competition Details

$75,000 in funding is available for the 2023/2024 fiscal year, with up to $15,000 awarded per application.

Deadline: End of day November 29, 2023


Application Form

CV-Abbreviated Instructions

CV-Abbreviated Template

2023/24 Results

Lang, Stefan – Neurosurgery

Investigating the Network Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation with Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Makarenko, Serge – Neurosurgery

Identification of Genes Driving Fast-Growing Vestibular Schwannomas

Oh, Justin – Radiation Oncology

Radiomic Analysis for Brain Tumours

Senger, Jenna-Lynn – Plastic Surgery

Determining the Mechanism and Treatment Paradigms for Painful Neuromas

Wiseman, Sam – General Surgery

Building a Quality Checklist for Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Care in British Columbia – A Pilot Study

2022/23 Results

Chiu, Chieh Jack – General Surgery

Standardizing Use of Pain medication to Eliminate post-Robotic HErnia Repair Opioids: A prospective cohort study assessing opioid use after abdominal wall reconstruction using the da Vinci robotic platform (The SUPERHERO Study)

Cook, Richard – Cardiac Surgery

Hybrid Revascularization vs Standard Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery For Patients at Higher Risk of Post-Operative Complications

Fatehi, Mostafa – Neurosurgery

A province-wide analysis of treatment outcomes in patients with Glioblastoma

Piper, Hannah – Pediatric Surgery

Precision Prebiotics to Improve the Intestinal Microbial Environment in Children with Intestinal Failure

Prisman, Eitan – Otolaryngology

Evaluating the role of transcervical ultrasonography in guiding oropharyngeal cancer resection during transoral robotic surgery

Thamboo, Andrew – Otolaryngology

Endotyping Nasal Polyposis using Spectrophotometer

2021/22 Results

Chan, Jessica – Radiation Oncology

The Linguistic Indicators of Framing Tool: Developing a tool to LIFT negative framing out of published health research involving First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples

Clark, Haley – Radiation Oncology

Patient- and organ-specific radiotherapy plans using quantitative magnetic resonance imaging

Dawe, Philip – General Surgery

Open Pelvic Binder: a novel device for pelvic fractures

Haji, Faizal – Neurosurgery

Improving assessment and training in craniosynostosis: the role of interactive 3D models and multimodal e-learning

Genoway, Krista – Plastic Surgery

Barriers to completing pre-operative hair removal for penile inversion vaginoplasty

Ghuman, Amandeep – General Surgery

The relationship between the microbiome and the development of low anterior resection syndrome (the LARS-Microbiome study)

Jiang, Henry – General Surgery

“MOtilin in the Treatment and Investigation of Looseness of INtestines

External Funding Opportunities

FoM >

The Faculty of Medicine maintains a list of grants and awards.


The Office of Research Services (ORS) offers a list of opportunities internal and external to UBC.


The Office of the VP, Research & Innovation (VPRI) list of awards and honours


VCH Research Institute (VCHRI) lists disease-specific programs


Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) lists current funding opportunities and match funding opportunities

ResearchNet >

CIHR ResearchNet has a list of current funding opportunities


CIHR also has a list of many additional funding agencies