Mentorship and Coaching Opportunities

Several mentoring and coaching programs are available to support members of the UBC Department of Surgery with their professional growth and career development.

Academic Mentoring Program

Host: UBC Department of Surgery


Program Focus: academic activity enhancement including clinical research, academic research, clinical teaching, support for interdisciplinary research, creating research ties with industry, resident or fellow supervision, and support for promotion.

Program Format:  frequency and format (in person or virtual) are at your discretion

Participants: all UBC Department of Surgery faculty members

Credits:  claim as Self-Learning

Enrollment: anytime via this online form

Faculty Emerging Leaders

Host: UBC Faculty of Medicine


Program Focus: leadership enhancement, opportunities for professional and personal growth through exploration of leadership

Program Format: five modules to be completed in sequence, on scheduled dates (sessions start in September)

  1. Discovering Self as Leader
  2. Supporting Well-Being Through Leadership
  3. Undoing Inequities Through Leadership
  4. Conflict Engagement
  5. Navigating the Complexity of Academic Medicine

Participants: faculty members interested in leadership roles

Credits:  claim as Self-Learning

Enrollment: annually from early June to late July at website

UBC Reticulum Mentorship Grant

Host: UBC Division of General Surgery


Program Focus: surgical clinical care on specific procedures or limited scope projects

Program Format: various short-term options which could include: a) a day of mentorship in the mentor or mentee’s Operation Room with specific procedures b) feedback of recorded surgical procedure or other options at your suggestion

Participants: faculty members in the UBC Division of General Surgery

Credits: claim as Self-Learning

Payment: grant funding to cover expenses

Enrollment: mentees contact potential mentor to discuss an idea for a mini-mentorship project. Once a mentor has been identified, the application for the mentorship grant found here is completed and submitted to

Clinical Faculty Mentoring

Host: UBC Faculty of Medicine Faculty Affairs and UBC CPD


Program Focus: participants can choose any area for mentorship which they are looking to explore, for example, teaching, clinical research, health and wellness; this program also offers professional development sessions

Program Format: time commitment of 14 hours over 8 months with a minimum of 6 mentoring meetings

Participants: clinical faculty members

Credits: Up to 15 MOC Section 3 for Mentees; Up to 7 MOC Section 1 for Mentors

Enrollment: annually from early June to late July using registration form on the website 

Coaching and Mentoring Program (CAMP), Rural

Program Focus: a wide variety of areas such as transitions in practice, emergency medicine, palliative care, Indigenous patient care, and personal wellness
Program Format: commitment of 35 hours over 9 months or longer
Participants: faculty members who practice in rural BC communities
Payment: mentors receive  $158.97 per hour for time spent working with mentee
Credits: 35 hours
Enrollment: annually from early June to late July; sessions start in September using registration form on the website

BCCHR Mentorship Program

Host: BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute
Program Focus: professional leadership, networking and personal development, see calendar for organized events for mentors and mentees
Program Format: organized events or one-one connections with mentor/mentee
Participants: faculty members, staff and trainees affiliated with the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute
Credits: claim as Self-Learning
Mentor: anytime using the registration form on the website
Mentee: review the current profiles and reach out to a mentor directly to start networking

Staff Mentoring Program

Host: UBC Faculty of Medicine
Program Focus: connect diverse staff, facilitate communication, and enhance lifelong professional development through sharing of experiences and knowledge
Program Format: Pilot program starting November 2022 for 10 months with a virtual kick-off and then once a month meetings with mentor and mentee and a virtual wrap-up session
Participants: staff members in the Faculty of Medicine
Mentor: anytime using the registration form found on the website
Mentee: applications accepted between September 12 to October 10, 2022 using the registration form found on the website

MOC Credits

Participants may claim MOC Self Learning credits for participation in an un-accredited mentorship program. Usually, mentees would claim under Section 3, Direct Observation and the mentor would claim under Section 2, Personal Learning projects. However, if there are questions about the applicable section or category, please refer to the Royal College for direction. For details about claiming Self Learning CPD credits and the different learning sections for the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program, please see below:


Credit Frameworks