Research Interest Groups (RIGs)

Clinical Trials

Clinical Research & Surgical Innovations

Surgical Education

Led by Dr. Rob Olson, the Clinical Trials RIG aims to build a culture of research that empowers a broad cross-section of surgical division members to engage and excel in research and facilitate collaborations.

To request guidance from the RIG on conducting a new clinical trial please email

Lead: Dr. Robert Olson

Led by Dr. Jason Park, the Clinical Research and Surgical Innovations RIG aims to foster innovation in clinical processes and systems of care delivery to make them more streamlined, efficient, and less wasteful.

Lead: Dr. Jason Park

Co-led by Drs. Faizal Haji and Geoffrey Blair, Surgical Education RIG inspires the scholarly pursuit of innovation and efficacy in surgical education and aims to enrich research in surgical education.

Co-leads: Drs. Faizal Haji and Geoffrey Blair

Administrator: Valeria Kolesova

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