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NameSurgical DivisionYear of Residency
Dr. Adamson, HannahGeneral-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Al-Adawi, HumaidGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Al Lawati, RihabGeneral-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Al-Maawali, Alghalya "Ghalya" General-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Alshehri, AbdullahPediatric-SurgeryPGY-6/7
Dr. Al Khaboori, SadiqGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Ansari, Saad Otolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Arsenault, Kyle Vascular-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Ayling, Oliver NeurosurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Bale, MichelleRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-2
Dr. Bleszynski, Michael General-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Butskiy, Oleksandr (Alex)Otolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Cha, Jieun General-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Chan, MatthewRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-3
Dr. Chan, Tiffany General-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Chang, Brent Otolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Chang, StephanoNeurosurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Cho, C. K. JaneRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-3
Dr. Coutsinos, DimitriosGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Culig, JenniferVascular-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Dandurand, Charlotte NeurosurgeryPGY-3
Dr. DeGirolamo, KristinGeneral-SurgeryPGY-3 (CIP)
Dr. Demsey, DanielPlastic-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Dosani, MaryamRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-4
Dr. Duncan, KatrinaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Evans, MorganPlastic-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Fatehi, MostafaNeurosurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Fung, Adrian Vascular-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Garber, KathleenGeneral-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Ghuman, Amandeep “Anu” General-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Giambattista, JoshuaRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-4
Dr. Gowing, KevinGeneral-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Gurberg, JoshuaOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Hiebert, JakeGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Hintz, GraemeGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Hollett, JuliaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Hong, JonathanCardiac-SurgeryResearch year
Dr. Hu, ZengxuanGeneral-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Izadi, HamidGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Jastaniah, AtifGeneral-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Jiwa, KarimaOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Johal, Gurp General-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Joharifard, ShahrzadGeneral-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Jonker, CecilyGeneral-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Kearns, MarkCardiac-SurgeryResearch year
Dr. Khezri, Navid NeurosurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Khorasani, Mohammadali "Sohrab"General-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Khorasani, SepehrGeneral-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Kim, David H.General-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Kim, Jong Moo (Steve) Cardiac-SurgeryPGY-5/6
Dr. Knox, AaronPlastic-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Landry, Evie Otolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Lee, Arthur Cardiac-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Leung, LesliePlastic-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Li, JenniferGeneral-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Lichtenstein, KevinCardiac-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Luu, KimberlyOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Lustig , Daniel General-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Ma, Vivian General-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Maas, BenjaminRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-5
Dr. Mackay, EmilyGeneral-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Mak, NicoleGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Makarenko, SergeNeurosurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Mankowski, PeterPlastic-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Manoharan, ShianaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Margolick, Joseph "Joe"General-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Mendelsohn, DannyNeurosurgeryPGY-6
Dr. Misskey, JonathanVascular-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Murchison, SonjaRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-2
Dr. Newton, EthanOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Omeis, TylerPlastic-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Oosthuizen, JeanGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Pajak, CarlaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Parhar, Harman Otolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Percy, Dean BowlesGeneral-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Percy, Edward Cardiac-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Pripotnev, StahsPlastic-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Ramkumar, JonathanGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Sarwal, Gautamn Vascular-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Schlagintweit, SofiePlastic-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Seyednejad, NazgolGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Shariff, FarhanaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Slater, KarenPlastic-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Song, DianaPlastic-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Tauh, KeeritCardiac-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Valenzuela, DianneOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Van Slyke, AaronPlastic-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Vasilyeva, Elizaveta General-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Wallace, AlisonGeneral-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Webb, MitchellGeneral-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Yang, GaryVascular-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Yong, MichaelOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Youssef, DavidGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Zroback, ChrisGeneral-SurgeryPGY-5