2020 Academic Year End

The end of the academic year in the Department of Surgery is a time of significant change. For those who are completing their residency or graduate training, it is time to move on to the next phase of your life and career. For our incoming cohort of new residents, it is a time of transition from being a senior medical student to a junior resident. For our faculty and staff, it is a time to reflect on the events and accomplishments of the past year, and to look forward to the future with anticipation.

There is a long and rich history of excellence in surgical care, education, and scholarship, and we are confident that the residents, fellows and graduate students who are completing their training will become the next generation of leaders in academic and clinical surgery and medical research.

Our people – the faculty, staff, and trainees at all levels – are the real strength of the Department of Surgery. Our faculty is composed of a large and diverse group, with a truly impressive commitment to clinical excellence, scholarship, mentorship, and administrative leadership. They are supported by a large staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes to allow us to work together towards our central mission, which is to train the future leaders of Canadian surgery and surgical science.

As your Department Head, the part of my work that I enjoy the most is the opportunity to learn from and to be inspired by my surgical and scientific colleagues, our residents, fellows and students, and our staff. To each and every one of you I would like to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks. While COVID-19 has prevented us from gathering as a large group, we wanted to ensure that our award winners, graduating residents, and MSc in Surgery students were recognized and have done so by sharing the videos below.

Gary Redekop
Head, Department of Surgery


2020 Award Winners


Colorectal Surgery

Graduating Resident: Humaid Al Adawi

General Surgery

Graduating Residents: Jieun Cha, Kristin DeGirolamo, Jake Hiebert, Sadiq Al Khaboori,
Jennifer Li, Jean Oosthuizen, Jon Ramkumar, Elizaveta Vasilyeva, David Youssef


Graduating Resident: Charlotte Dandurand


Graduating Residents: Evie Landry & Dianne Valenzuela

Pediatric Surgery

Graduating Resident: Arash Safavi

Plastic Surgery

Graduating Residents:  Daniel Demsey, Stahs Pripotnev, & Aaron Van Slyke

Radiation Oncology

Graduating Residents: Michelle Bale & Sonia Murchison

Surgical Oncology

Graduating Resident: Sita Ollek

Vascular Surgery

Graduating Resident: Gary Yang

MSc in Surgery

Graduating Students: Stephen Adebola, Grace Joshua & Ali Motamedi