$3 million donation to Pancreas Centre BC

PancreasCentreBCCongratulations to:
Dr. Charles Scudamore (General Surgery) pictured as the 2nd on left
who was recently appointed as the Chair of the new Jack and Darlene Poole Surgical Centre for Pancreatic Cancer.
The centre is co-directed by Drs. David Schaeffer (VGH) and Daniel Renouf (BCCA), and now it has research infrastructure and staff in place. Research grant applications are being submitted, and a new genomic personalized medicine project is underway. A nurse specialist will also be hired to support patients and families through diagnosis and treatment. Pancreas Centre BC exists because of the vision of generous donors like Darlene and the late Jack Poole, who believe that research is the key to unlocking the mysteries of pancreatic cancer. Read the full originally published story by the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation.