Advanced MIS Fellowship

Advanced MIS Fellowship Vancouver General Hospital, University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia MIS Fellowship offers a one year clinical fellowship in a variety of advanced laparoscopic procedures. It also provides an excellent opportunity for research and teaching for those candidates interested in pursuing an academic career in a university setting. This fellowship has a strong emphasis on colorectal, adrenal, hernia, solid organ and foregut/antireflux surgery. There is also some training in advanced hepatobiliary surgery. We currently do not offer training in bariatric surgery.

The fellow will have the opportunity for flexible endoscopy training if desired.

Research is an important aspect of the fellowship and the fellow is expected to participate in clinical research projects. The fellow is expected to complete at least 2 manuscripts for publication and to present their results at national meetings.

This is a university based fellowship and the fellow will be expected to participate in teaching rounds and in the education of residents and medical students.

The University of British Columbia MIS Fellowship is affiliated with the Centre of Excellence for Surgical Education and Innovation (CESEI CESEI is an internationally recognized, state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary academic centre. It is actively involved in the education of surgeons, students and nurses with high fidelity simulators, computer software and wet/dry lab facilities. This was the first centre to be accredited by the American College of Surgery. The fellow will have access to the resources at the centre and will participate in courses and lectures that are conducted there. In addition, there are numerous opportunities for research.

The fellow will also have access to the Jack Bell Research animal lab facility to conduct research and run training sessions.

It is a one year fellowship accredited by the MIS Fellowship Council.

Candidates need to apply through the MIS Fellowship Match.

Advanced MIS Fellowship Director: Dr. Adam Meneghetti, MD CCFP MHSc FRCSC