Another MSFHR fellowship awardee

Congratulations to: CreaFkudos2013
Dr. Francesco Crea (PDF with Dr. Cheryl Helgason, General Surgery)
Dr. Crea’s work involves a largely overlooked epigenetic mechansism: gene expression regulation by long-non coding RNAs (lncRNAs). He is studying the role of those genes in the process of metastatic spreading, with the ultimate goal of developing novel therapies for aggressive tumors. We recently identified a lncRNA which is highly prostate cancer-specific and that could be employed as a future biomarker and therapeutic target.

So, along with Dr. Reza Jalili (supervisors Dr. Warnock and Dr. Ghahary), Dept of Surgery fellows have won 2 of the only 30 MSFHR awards given out this year.
posted : 2013-August-13