Branch for International Surgical Care online graduate courses

Looking to make a difference in low-income, under served communities of the world? The Branch for International Surgical Care is now offering three online graduate courses in global surgery.

Surgery 510Surgical care in International Health
Upon successful completion of this course learners will have:

    • Increased understanding of the global status of unmet surgical need.
    • A broader appreciation of the ethical issues, the role of advocacy, and the models of surgical care education in international surgery.
    • Knowledge of the need for injury prevention strategies and for global maternal mortality and morbidity solutions.
    • New perspectives on the spectrum of involvement in international surgical activities including volunteerism.
    • Familiarity with the principles of development in international surgery.

Surgery 512Global Disability: A Surgical Care Mandate
Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

    • Summarize the global status of impairment and disability due to unmet surgical need.
    • Discuss international conventions and policy documents of the United Nations and World Health Organization with reference to surgical implications in health and disability.
    • Outline the spectrum of involvement of surgical activities in preventing and treating disabling impairments
    • Explain the need for workforce capacity building and infrastructure enhancement to meet the need.
    • Discuss proven strategies in overcoming the barriers to effective surgical care of disabling conditions.
    • Elaborate on some of the ethical controversies and dilemmas in meeting a service need in the context of limited available resources.

Surgery 514Surgical Care in Humanitarian Disaster Response
Upon successful completion of this course learners will have:

    • An understanding of the complexity of the global burden and trends of humanitarian disasters
    • Phases of a humanitarian disaster
    • Ability to describe and critique select responses to humanitarian disasters
    • Outline and defend the essentials for adequate surgical care in any disaster response

Follow the link to the Branch’s Overview of Courses where more details are available.
revised : 2014-January-13