Department of Surgery Academic Year End Celebration 2018

The Department of Surgery held our annual Academic Year End Celebration on May 24th, 2018 at the Cecil Green Park House.  It was a beautiful setting to congratulate and celebrate the accomplishments of all graduating residents, PHD/MSC students and clinical fellows in Surgery for the 2017/18 academic year.

We also reflected on various achievements throughout the year and presented teaching awards to the following worthy recipients:

A.D. Forward Post Graduate Teaching Award – Dr. Alex Lee
Best Resident Teaching Award – Dr. Humaid Al Adawi
A.D. McKenzie Clinical Teaching Award – Dr. Hannah Carolan
A.W.D. Bill Knox Award – Dr. Serge Makarenko
I.B. Holubitsky Memorial Award – Dr. Joshua Gurberg
H. Rocke Robertson Award  – Dr. Joel Gagnon
C. H. Scudamore HPB Award – Dr. Michael Bleszynski

Congratulations to all graduates and award winners! 

Photos and the event program can be found here.