General Surgery

The Division of General Surgery has a strong record of academic productivity in trauma surgery, breast oncology, endocrine surgery, colorectal surgery, global health, and planetary health, and emerging research programs in a spectrum of other clinical areas. We are beginning to merge our research programs and academic agendas with innovation principles from business transformation, design thinking, and learning health systems to address complex, real-world, and systemic surgical challenges across BC and around the world.

Ongoing Research

  • Christopher R. Baliski
    • Clinically based endocrine and surgical oncology research
    • Outcomes research in breast cancer and melanoma
    • Wait times reporting and access to surgical cancer care
  • Ross D Brown
    • Trauma training/education
    • Hypothermia/shock resus in swine model
  • Stephen W. Chung
    • Monitoring and modulation of the immune system in animal and human studies as it relates to transplantation and cancer
    • Development of new strategies for monitoring the immune status of transplant recipients and evaluation of novel tolerance inducing regimens in animal models of transplantation
  • Noelle L Davis
    • Photoimaging and photodynamic therapy of cancer
    • Wound healing
  • Naisan Garaway
    • Hypothermia/shock resus in swine model
  • Dalhbir Jangra
    • Mountain Bike injuries
  • Megan K. Levings
    • Cellular immunology with a specialized interest in understanding how T cells regulate tolerance to self and non-pathogenic foreign proteins, and translating that knowledge into clinically applicable protocols in the setting of transplantation.
  • R Mark Meloche
    • Physiology of the human pancreatic islet and the effect of autonomic and enteric denervation on pancreatic endocrine function
  • P Terry Phang
    • Clinical research on management of colorectal cancer (imaging, pathology, guidelines, adjuvant radiation strategies, outcomes), clinical outcomes for diverticulitis, clinical database methodology for quality improvement and education
  • Charles H Scudamore
    • Liver transplantation, effects of storage and subsequent transplantation of liver segments from living donors
    • Effects of Trasylol (aprotinin) in transplantation