Dr. Ingledew has been nominated as a CFMS Champion

Congratulations to Dr. Paris Ingledew, Radiation Oncology, who has been nominated as a CFMS Champion for her contribution to a positive learning environment at UBC! She has made such a meaningful difference in the lives of medical students that they have chosen to recognize her as part of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) Culture Changers Campaign.


Some comments from medical students: 

Dr. Ingledew is committed to teaching students and sharing her love of radiation oncology. Every year, she supervises several students, supporting both research and education projects, in addition to the many clinical students who rotate through her practice. As my research supervisor for four years, she was always positive, encouraging, and focused on helping me grow. She created a learning environment where I was welcomed to approach her with questions, but also given the autonomy to drive my own project and learning. She made sure to include clinical education as a component of my project plan so that I could see the tangible impact that my work has, as well as widening the career paths I envisioned. Dr. Ingledew always had my interests in mind throughout our work together. She went out of her way to help me build valuable connections with other physicians and researchers. She encouraged me to be ambitious with regards to our publications. She made sure that I had enough support to keep learning and improving. 

Beyond her impact as a research supervisor, Dr. Ingledew is a highly respected didactic teacher. Her oncology lectures in both pre-clinical and clinical years of our medical program are widely recognized amongst the student body as being useful, clear, and interesting. As one of her students, I often get texts from friends saying “Dr. Ingledew gave our lecture today and it was amazing!” Clinically, Dr. Ingledew exemplifies patient-centred care. She always knows her patients on a personal level and I have witnessed how grateful they are to be under her skilled and compassionate guidance. 

Dr. Ingledew has been an incredible and valued mentor throughout my four years of medical school and has had a far-reaching impact on myself and many of my classmates, inspiring us to be thoughtful, kind and ambitious in our patient care and medical research. She would be an excellent choice for recognition in this CFMS campaign.