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NameSurgical DivisionYear of Residency
Dr. Al Kharusi, Al AnoudGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Farooq, AmeerColorectal-SurgeryPGY-6
Dr. Al Mahruqi, HibaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Al Lawati, RihabGeneral-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Al Muqaimi, NawafPlastic-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Cadili, LinaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Mudri, MartinaPediatric-SurgeryPGY-6
Dr. Al Maawali, AlghalyaPediatric-SurgeryPGY-7
Dr. Ansari, Saad Otolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Al-Adawi, SaraVascular-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Ayling, Oliver NeurosurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Killow, VeronikaRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-1
Dr. Hilzenrat, Roy
Dr. Butt, AbdallaVascular-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Afford, RebeccaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Pritchard, AndrewRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-2
Dr. Dang, AlexaRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-2
Dr. Chang, StephanoNeurosurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Kong, TimRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-3
Dr. Coutsinos, DimitriosThoracic SurgeryPGY-6
Dr. Jones, TalonGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Choi, SallyVascular-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. D'Souza, KaranGeneral-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Rebchuk, AlexanderNeurosurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Deane, EmilyOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Amanian, AmeenOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Baronas, VictoriaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Pangli, HarpreetPlastic-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Sit, DaegenRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-3
Dr. Duncan, KatrinaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Fatehi, MostafaNeurosurgeryPGY-6
Dr. Forbes, DianaPlastic-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Fung, Adrian Vascular-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Garber, KathleenGeneral-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Gentles, QuinnGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Merali, KhalilGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Guo, MichaelGeneral-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Hintz, GraemeGeneral-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Craig, MikeNeurosurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Sadr, MoNeurosurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Punnen, SubinGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Gauthier, CatherineCardiac-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Atkinson, LoganCardiac-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Howlett, JoelOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Yong, MichaelOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Schweitzer, ChristinaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Huang, Bill Vascular-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Huynh, CarolineGeneral-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Jasper, KatieRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-5
Dr. Jedrzejko, NicoleGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Kim, DavidGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Kloos, NicoleGeneral-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Lalande, AnnieGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Liu, AliceOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Lee, Arthur Cardiac-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Lehndorff, AzaleaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Jeffery, LisaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Lie, JessicaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Lu, DaphneGeneral-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Luc, JessicaCardiac-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Goubran, DanielCardiac-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Lustig , Daniel General-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Ma, Vivian General-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Mackay, EmilyGeneral-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Mak, NicoleGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Rizzuto, MichaelNeurosurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Mankowski, PeterPlastic-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Manoharan, ShianaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Streith, LucasGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Parmar, GurjitRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-1
Dr. Newton, EthanOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Oh, JustinRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-5
Dr. Knight, PaigePlastic-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Manhas, NerajGeneral-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Parapini, MarinaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Allen, LauraOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Parker, QuinnGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Watanabe, AkieGeneral-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Percy, Edward Cardiac-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Gordon, TravisPlastic-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Spoyalo, KarinaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Roller, JaninePlastic-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Sarwal, Gautamn Vascular-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Schlagintweit, SofiePlastic-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Carr, MikePlastic-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Talbot, MarthaGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Tang, KatelynnGeneral-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Taqi, KadhimGeneral-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Tauh, KeeritCardiac-SurgeryPGY-5
Dr. Urban, RyanRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-4
Dr. Chan, TeffranOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Stephens, TrinaPlastic-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Wen, BettyGeneral-SurgeryPGY-1
Dr. Al Hosni, AhmedPlastic-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Webb, MitchellGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Wong, JordanRadiation Oncology and Developmental RadiotherapeuticsPGY-5
Dr. Wu, TedGeneral-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Mordhorst,AlexaVascular-SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. McIntyre, GrahamOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-2
Dr. Fournier, Francois RouleauColorectal-SurgeryPGY-7
Dr. Zhang, JacquesPlastic-SurgeryPGY-4
Dr. Zhang, ZachPlastic-SurgeryPGY-3
Dr. Zhao, KevinOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryPGY-4