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Resident NameProgramYear
Harnden, KieraGeneral SurgeryPGY1
Harvey, AlexandraGeneral SurgeryPGY1
Liu, ClaireGeneral SurgeryPGY1
MacDonald, JarrodGeneral SurgeryPGY1
Nabata, KylieGeneral SurgeryPGY1
Sagorin, ZachGeneral SurgeryPGY1
Zabolotniuk, TarynGeneral SurgeryPGY1
Mashat, AbdullahGeneral SurgeryPGY1
Afford, RebeccaGeneral SurgeryPGY2
Baranos, VictoriaGeneral SurgeryPGY2
Guo, MichaelGeneral SurgeryPGY2
Jeffrey, LisaGeneral SurgeryPGY2
Manhas, NerajGeneral SurgeryPGY2
Spoyalo, KarinaGeneral SurgeryPGY2
Wen, BettyGeneral SurgeryPGY2
Al Kharusi, Al AnoudGeneral SurgeryPGY3
Cadili, LinaGeneral SurgeryPGY3
D'Souza, KaranGeneral SurgeryPGY3
Hilzenrat, RoyGeneral SurgeryPGY3
Huyhn, CarolineGeneral SurgeryPGY3
Merali, KhalilGeneral SurgeryPGY3
Punnen, Subin General SurgeryPGY3
Schweitzer, ChristinaGeneral SurgeryPGY3
Streith, Lucas General SurgeryPGY3
Watanabe, Akie General SurgeryPGY3
Kim, DavidGeneral SurgeryPGY4
Kloos, NicoleGeneral SurgeryPGY4
Lalande, Annie General SurgeryPGY4
Lehndorff, AzaleaGeneral SurgeryPGY4
Lie, Jessica General SurgeryPGY4
Lu, Daphne General SurgeryPGY4
Parapini, MarinaGeneral SurgeryPGY4
Parker, Quinn General SurgeryPGY4
Tang, KatelynnGeneral SurgeryPGY4
TaqiI, KadhimGeneral SurgeryPGY4
Gentles, QuinnGeneral SurgeryPGY5
Jedrzejko, Nicole General SurgeryPGY5
Ma, VivianGeneral SurgeryPGY5
Mak, NicoleGeneral SurgeryPGY5
Talbot, MarthaGeneral SurgeryPGY5
Wu, TedGeneral SurgeryPGY5
Webb, MitchGeneral SurgeryPGY5
Clement, Elizabeth General SurgeryPGY6
Marcil, Stephanie General SurgeryPGY6
Farooq, Ameer General SurgeryPGY7
Vasilyeva, Elizaveta General SurgeryPGY7
Al Hinai, AlreemPediatric SurgeryPGY6
Mudri, MartinaPediatric SurgeryPGY6
Joshi, Heta NeurosurgeryPGY1
Rebchuk, Alexander NeurosurgeryPGY2
Rizzuto, MichaelNeurosurgeryPGY3
Craig, Mike NeurosurgeryPGY4
Sadr, Mo NeurosurgeryPGY4
Chang, Stephano NeurosurgeryPGY5
Ayling, Oliver   NeurosurgeryPGY6
Mackay, EmilyThoacic SurgeryPGY6
Bassi, JasmineRadiation OncologyPGY1
Siriani-Ayoub, NicolasRadiation OncologyPGY1
Killow, VeronikaRadiation OncologyPGY2
Parmar, GurjitRadiation OncologyPGY2
Dang, AlexaRadiation OncologyPGY3
Pritchard, AndrewRadiation OncologyPGY3
Kong, TimothyRadiation OncologyPGY4
Sit, DaeganRadiation OncologyPGY4
Urban, RyanRadiation OncologyPGY5
Rokui, SorushCardiac SurgeryPGY1
Atkinson, LoganCardiac SurgeryPGY3
Luc, JessicaCardiac SurgeryPGY4
Goubran, DanielCardiac SurgeryPGY4
Gauthier, CatherineCardiac SurgeryPGY5
Percy, EdwardCardiac SurgeryPGY5
Gu, TonyVascular SurgeryPGY1
Al Adawi, SaraVascular SurgeryPGY2
Choi, SallyVascular SurgeryPGY2
Mordhorst, AlexaVascular SurgeryPGY3
Butt, AbdallaVascular SurgeryPGY4
Huang, BillVascular SurgeryPGY5
Boroditsky, MatthewPlastic SurgeryPGY1
Carr, MatthewPlastic SurgeryPGY1
Gordon, TravisPlastic SurgeryPGY2
Pangli, HarpreetPlastic SurgeryPGY2
Knight, PaigePlastic SurgeryPGY2
Stephens, TrinaPlastic SurgeryPGY3
Carr, MikePlastic SurgeryPGY3
Al Hosni, AhmedPlastic SurgeryPGY3
Zhang, ZachPlastic SurgeryPGY4
Mankowski, PeterPlastic SurgeryPGY4
Al Muqaimi, NawafPlastic SurgeryPGY5
Zhang, JacquesPlastic SurgeryPGY5
Roller, JaninePlastic SurgeryPGY5
Forbes, DianaPlastic SurgeryPGY5
Schlagintweit, SofiePlastic SurgeryPGY5
Aravinthan, KaishanOtolaryngologyPGY1
Homes, ConnorOtolaryngologyPGY1
Cherukupalli, AbhiOtolaryngologyPGY1
Chan, TeffranOtolaryngologyPGY2
Liu, AliceOtolaryngologyPGY2
McIntyre, GrahamOtolaryngologyPGY3
Allen, LauraOtolaryngologyPGY3
Deane, EmilyOtolaryngologyPGY4
Amanian, AmeenOtolaryngologyPGY4
Ansari, SaadOtolaryngologyPGY5
Zhao, KevinOtolaryngologyPGY5
Howlett, JoelOtolaryngologyPGY5
Yong, MichaelOtolaryngologyPGY5