Ongoing Research

If you are a medical student interested in this subspecialty, please visit the  ENT Medical Student Interest Group page.

Dr. Cathie Garnis

  • Molecular characterization of Head and Neck Cancers
  • Biomarker discovery

Dr. Amin R. Javer

  • Health outcomes and quality of life research in cystic fibrosis
  • Characterizing the inflammatory profile of chronic rhinosinusitis
  • Novel therapies for the treatment of bacterial biofilm
    -Drug safety and pharmacodynamics
  • Safety and efficacy of novel surgical devices
  • Developing predictive models to mitigate the risk of medical/surgical complications and optimize treatment

Dr. Jeffrey Ludemann

  • dontchoke.ubc.ca/ :  a global choking prevention strategy (in translation and distribution phases; long-term analysis pending)
  • UBC Pediatric Trachestomy App:  version for Health Care Students (pertinent information being added to the version for Patients and Families; educational effectiveness to be studied)
  • Cytokine Profiling in Children with Severe Laryngomalacia or Subglottic Stenosis (pilot study; future collaboration planned with McGill University)
  • LearnENT apps:  Upper Aerodigestive Foreign Bodies;  Endoscopic Ear Anatomy (in collaboration with the University of Ottawa)

Dr. Desmond Nunez

  • Randomized control trials in acute otitis media
  • Cellular and clinical studies on the pathogenesis of and treatments for sensory neural hearing loss

Dr. Eitan Prisman

  • Robotic surgery

Dr. Brian D. Westerberg

  • Use of paramagnetic stem cells for restoration of hearing
  • Conversion of olfactory cells for inner hair cell restoration
  • Use of an Ear Trainer (ear model) for development of surgical skills
  • Novel treatment strategies for tinnitus
  • Assessment and prevalence of post-traumatic dizziness

Research Publications