Graduate Certificate in Global Surgical Care (GCGSC)

The Graduate Certificate in Global Surgical Care (GCGSC) is designed to meet the growing need for professional development of students interested in focusing on the global health problem of the burden of unmet surgical care. The Certificate is comprised of four graduate level online courses. Students with an interest in Global Surgical Care but who do not wish to complete the GCGSC can enroll in any of the graduate courses independent of the certificate.

The program is intended for surgical care clinicians, trainees in surgical care disciplines, allied health care professionals or trainees involved, or who wish to be involved, in global surgical care programs.

The courses are targeted to graduate level students, postgraduate trainees, surgeons or surgery-related health practitioners. Non-medical graduate students or others may register with permission from the Instructor.

The courses are delivered entirely online (no classes on campus or summer residences). They are designed to allow practicing health professionals to continue their studies with minimal disruption to their work.


SURG 510 – Surgical care in International Health

Students will examine the historical beginnings, the reasons for the emergence of surgical care in the public health agenda and the details of the global burden of surgical care need. They will explore the wide spectrum of volunteerism, ethics related to clinical care and research, guidelines for activity (projects, programs, partnerships) and the role of advocacy in global surgical care.

SURG 512 – Global Disability: A Surgical Care Mandate

Students will critique current models of addressing the fact that globally, one billion people live with a disability of whom 80% live in resource-limited settings which further compounds the family and public burden and discuss frameworks for moving forward.

SURG 514 – Surgical Care in Humanitarian Disaster Response

Students will examine the current status of global activity by national and international responders to both natural and conflict-related humanitarian disasters with particular emphasis on the role of surgical care.

SURG 516 – Program Planning and Evaluation in Surgical Care Low Resource Settings

Students will explore key concepts, ethical approaches and practices, and practical skills development for planning and evaluation in surgical care.

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