Congratulations to our 2023 graduates and award winners!

On June 20, 2023, the Department of Surgery hosted its 2023 Academic Year-End Celebration that brought together faculty, staff, and residents. The purpose of the gathering was to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of award winners, graduating residents, and graduates of the Master of Science in Surgery and Master of Global Surgical Care programs. Dr. Gary Redekop, the Department Head, together with the Residency Program Directors warmly congratulated the graduates and highlighted their most notable contributions.

In addition to announcing the award winners and celebrating the graduates, the event served as a platform to express gratitude towards the faculty and staff members who had played a vital role in supporting the trainees’ journeys. Dr. Redekop took a moment to extend his heartfelt appreciation for their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts, acknowledging that their dedication was instrumental in the department’s success.

This year, the Department of Surgery had the pleasure of hosting a visiting professor, Dr. Hani Al Qadhi, from Sultan Qaboos University of the Sultanate of Oman. Dr. Al Qadhi’s presence added an invaluable international perspective to the event, encouraging cross-cultural collaboration and fostering a broader understanding of surgical practices worldwide.

Following the recognition and awards ceremony, the event continued with a celebratory dinner. The occasion served as an opportunity for everyone to unwind, celebrate their collective accomplishments, and forge meaningful connections with colleagues and peers.

Graduating Residents

Cardiac Surgery Program Director: Dr. Paul Bui
Dr. Catherine Gauthier
Dr. Edward Percy
General Surgery Program Co-directors: Drs. Ahmer Karimuddin and Tracy Scott
Dr.  Nicole Kloos
Dr. Marina Parapini
Dr. Quinn Parker
Dr.  Katelynn Tang
Dr.  Kadhim Taqi
Neurosurgery Program Director: Dr. Ash Singhal
Dr.  Stephano Chang
Dr. Michael Craig
Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery Program Director: Dr. Fred Kozak
Dr. Emily Deane
Pediatric Surgery Program Director: Dr. Robert Baird
Dr. Alreem Al Hinai
Plastic Surgery Program Director: Dr. Alex Seal
Dr.  Peter Mankowski
Dr.  Zach Zhang
Radiation Oncology Program Director: Dr. Michael Peacock
Dr. Sit Daegan
Dr. Timothy Kong
Surgical Oncology Program Director: Dr. Trevor Hamilton
Dr. Stephanie Marcil
Thoracic Surgery Program Director: Dr. James Bond
Dr.  Emily Mackay
Vascular Surgery Program Director: Dr. Jon Misskey
Dr.  Abdalla Butt

Master of Science in Surgery Graduates

Dr.  Cristina Schaurich

Master of Global Surgical Care Graduates

Dr. Esther Chin
Dr. Lexington Anne Kinnear
Dr. Karina Olivo
Dr. Godfrey Philipo
Dr. Joshua Paul Wiedermann
Dr. May Yau
Dr. Montana Zaporzan

2023 Department Award Winners

Dr. A.W.D. Bill Knox Memorial AwardPeter MankowskiPlastic Surgery
Presented to the surgical resident who demonstrates the highest qualities of surgical excellence.
Dr. I.B. Holubitsky Memorial AwardZach ZhangPlastic Surgery
Presented to an outstanding graduating resident pursuing additional training at another centre.
Best Resident Teacher AwardKadhim TaqiGeneral Surgery
Awarded to a graduating resident and is voted on by their peers.
Dr. Garth Warnock Postgraduate Trainee AwardEmily DeaneOtolaryngology – Head &. Neck Surgery
Presented to a senior surgical resident who demonstrates the highest qualities of a well-rounded surgeon.
Dr. A.D. Forward Postgraduate Faculty Teaching AwardShilo Lefresne Radiation Oncology
Presented in recognition of outstanding teaching acclaimed by surgical residents.
Dr. A.D. McKenzie Clinical Teaching AwardMichael PeacockRadiation Oncology
Presented in recognition of outstanding clinical teaching of medical students & residents.
Dr. H.R. Robertson Award – Faculty AwardNazgol SeyednejadThoracic Surgery
Presented in recognition of outstanding clinical teaching acclaimed by undergraduate students