Surgical Systems Redesign: Towards Value-Based Healthcare

The UBC Division of General Surgery has adopted a surgical systems redesign approach that builds on the concept of value-based healthcare (VBHC), as described by Michael Porter from Harvard Business School. This model reorganizes traditional specialty-based practices into small, agile, and multidisciplinary integrated practice units (IPUs) focusing on specific patient populations (e.g. breast oncology, gastric oncology).

This patient-centred organization, currently being piloted at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), enables the coordination of complex multidisciplinary inputs and measurement of the quality, costs, and value of surgical care. The IPUs pursue a holistic and population-specific agenda to optimize value in several dimensions of quality (BC Health Quality Matrix).

The VGH IPUs featured here are only the beginning. This work is gaining momentum, and we are excited to expand this model province-wide and to see the frontiers of surgical care to which our IPUs lead us.