Surgical Innovation

Come join us for Pitch Day on October 28th from 1-3pm, where teams will present their proposed solutions to this year’s challenge!

In person: Pantheon Design’s Shop, 1206 William Street, Vancouver

Meeting ID:878 6996 2504
Passcode: 684031


The current challenges facing the healthcare system in Canada, which include a growing need for healthcare services as the population ages, inequities in the system due to lack of accessibility to timely care, and a ballooning of healthcare expenditures, will require an immense amount of innovation to produce more cost-efficient processes and systems that can do more with less. Our goal is to use interactive lectures and design sessions to give surgical residents the practical tools and confidence they need to become innovators in healthcare.

We are aiming to scale our existing, week-long UBC Surgical Innovation Week course into recurring, tri-annual workshop series designed to give surgical residents exposure to innovation in healthcare and the tools necessary to enable them to become innovators. The curriculum not only serves as a multidisciplinary innovation training program which culminates in pitch competitions that yield tangible and scalable solutions to real-world surgical problems, but also as a pipeline aimed at producing innovative projects at the intersection of surgery, engineering, business, and healthcare administration. 

It is our hope that this will give residents an understanding of how to be involved in the innovation process in healthcare as clinicians are well positioned to identify key problems in the healthcare system and propose ideas which lead to effective user-centered approaches to solving real-world problems.


Train 200 clinician innovators in 5 years

Evolve the Stanford, USC, and Hopkins design thinking models for the Canadian healthcare context

Make Vancouver the premiere health innovation hub for industry, clinicians, and innovators

Promote innovation supporters and foundations

Surgical Innovation Week 2021

Our Team

Our team leverages expertise across the domains of medicine, surgery, entrepreneurship, and design thinking to deliver polished and evidence-driven workshops to learners.

Dr. Morad Hameed
Dr. Harvey Hawes
Dr. Michael Yong
Christina Hwee